for the love of... rescuing reuben

Almost every pet I have had has been a hand-me-down or a from a rescue organization.  There was poor Tasha, the slightly crazy black and white cat that had to be adopted because no one wanted her, Zoe, a sleepy girl, adopted because a dear friend had terrible allergies and then Ruby, the lovely and sweet first vizsla who was abused but became my best friend for five wonderful years.  Just this past year there was Dovie, the large eyed cat my friend’s husband found starving in a parking lot and of course my wonderful crazy & beautiful Simon.

Sometimes these little creatures just walk into your life unannounced and unexpectedly.  Last week a forlorn, starving, flea-infested little dachshund was staggering down the street and I stopped to pick him up.  I christened him “Reuben” and took him home for some a little tender loving care.  After a bath, flea spray and lots of food he started to look a little better.  It makes me sad that so many animals are not taken care of – left unneutered and unspayed to fend for the themselves.

My sweet vizsla Simon took little Ruben under his paw so to speak and I decided to use Facebook as a forum to find this little guy a forever home.  There are many negative things about Facebook but this time it was the power of the Facebook network that led us to find a wonderful family for Reuben.

We are dropping little Reuben off to his forever family tomorrow.  He’ll be missed dearly although it has only been a few days.  If you are interested in adopting a Dachshund in particular, please check out