Lupins I Nova Scotia

Do you know what happens in June in the Maritime Provinces?  The lupins, pink, white and purple, burst into glorious bloom on every roadway, ditch and path.  In a way I took them for granted when I was growing up in Nova Scotia, but now when I go home, I marvel at the beauty of these renegade wildflowers.  

Lupins are a relative of the pea and are extremely hardy.  Apparently they are native to the West but made their way to the East Coast and decided to flourish!  If you heard of the bluebonnets in Texas, they are actually a lupin as well.

I just returned from visiting my home town of Antigonish to celebrate my parent's wedding anniversary.  Unfortunately my mother became very sick and the festivities had to be postponed but I am happy to say my mother is feeling better and we plan to do a re-anniversary party in August.

I loved seeing the last of the lupins along the roadside last week and thought you might too.

Also!  We have added a few selections of these lupin images to our SVB Print Shop so be sure to take a look!

A bientôt!




windswept | green cove + igonish

Another early morning . . . and our dedicated crew is ready for another marathon shooting day!  We had two locations on this day and both were spectacular:  Green Cove is a huge rock that juts out into the sea on the east coast of Cape Breton and Ingonish beach so lovely with its smooth gray stones and soft sandy beach.  I am so thankful for the artistry and creativity of Fred Connors and Susan Johnson Smith.

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style at home | magically muted christmas

Thrilled to have to the November cover of Style at Home magazine.  Thank you to Christine Hanlon and your wonderful styling – we had such fun working with you as always.  I really love the understated approach to the holidays – it is peaceful and calm and just so pretty.

style at home | cozy ottawa holiday

Style at Home editor Erin McLaughlin & I drove to Ottawa on a cold snowy day last December on our way to a shoot in Canada’s capitol.  As we drew closer the snow got worse and worse & the next morning we woke up to sleet and ice.  We were determined to make it to the shoot so we drove verrrrrrrry slowly through the streets of Ottawa.   And what a lovely surprise it was to have Chip Hamann & Alain Doom welcome us into their cozy and stylish house.  We also met the gracious Irene Langlois of Irene Langlois Interiors who helped make this home charming and ready for entertaining.

Alain & Chip prepared the food, lit the candles while Irene hung the last of the holiday decor.  And despite the ice & snow, good friends arrived, champagne was opened and the lovely party went on into the evening.  .  .

pear orchard

Driving into Fenwick, Ontario to visit my cousins, I saw this incredible pear orchard!  The pears were green and all the leaves had turned to crimson and burnt orange.  I am not sure I have seen a prettier site at an orchard.  I was ranting and raving about it when I arrived at my sweet cousin Cathy‘s house so she agreed to drive over with me to take a few quick photos . . .  I returned the next day to do an impromptu photo shoot with my cousin Sylvia  – photos to come soon!

for the love of... visits

This time last year, Simon Henry and I were in the Niagara region visiting family on the way to shoot for Style at Home magazine in Toronto.  The autumn leaves were so vibrant and beautiful in my aunt Gwenn & Uncle Gerry’s yard we decided on an afternoon walk.  My cousin Sylvia brought her daughter Katy and their dog Jackson to come for a romp with Simon.  The dogs were so excited we never did get a closeup photo of them!  But they had a good time running through the pale yellow fields and wrestling in the leaves.   What a wonderful visit with family. . . stay tuned for some photos of Sylvia in a pear orchard

style at home | cottage chic

We were thrilled to have another cover of Style at Home!  What’s better than shooting a breezy cottage in beautiful Prince Edward Island?  For all those Anne of Green Gables fans out there – PEI is as pretty as it looks in the movies. . .

It was great to meet Susan Snow of Moving Designs and of course to work with Margot Austin of Style at Home.  Here is a peek at the article inside – see more on in my recent work.