style at home | cozy ottawa holiday

Style at Home editor Erin McLaughlin & I drove to Ottawa on a cold snowy day last December on our way to a shoot in Canada’s capitol.  As we drew closer the snow got worse and worse & the next morning we woke up to sleet and ice.  We were determined to make it to the shoot so we drove verrrrrrrry slowly through the streets of Ottawa.   And what a lovely surprise it was to have Chip Hamann & Alain Doom welcome us into their cozy and stylish house.  We also met the gracious Irene Langlois of Irene Langlois Interiors who helped make this home charming and ready for entertaining.

Alain & Chip prepared the food, lit the candles while Irene hung the last of the holiday decor.  And despite the ice & snow, good friends arrived, champagne was opened and the lovely party went on into the evening.  .  .