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WHOA! We are super excited that Rob Haggart from A Photo Editor took some interest in our Windswept photo promo!

Stacey’s Windswept Promo was sent out nearly one month ago but it looks like it finally made it to a few people we were waiting to hear from. Rob posted these images of Stacey’s  promo on Instagram.  What an awesome thing to see, since after all, promos are a lot of time and work! We love it!



Wanderlust on A Photo Editor

spotlight | aPhotoEditor feature

We are thrilled to be featured on aPhotoEditor today by Suzanne Sease for her Personal Project section!  Suzanne Sease is very special to us here at SVB Photo.  I remember at the beginning of my photo journey having a consultation with her after an APA meeting.  It turned out to be a life changing event for me that I will always be grateful for.

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spotlight | rangefinder magazine

Windswept has been such a fun and exciting promo to work on here at SVB Photo and we are even more thrilled that RangFinder Magazine featured it on their website! Since this was a special project for us, we love to see the exposure that comes from all the hard work.

Thanks to everyone for all of the positive feedback and if you get the chance, head on over to check it out at RangeFinder!

Natalie & Carol

windswept | the promo

Check out my newest promo that’s likely the closest to my heart! Windswept is my new series escaping to the the beautiful windblown lands of Nova Scotia, where I grew up. The piece comes packaged in a “signature” turquoise box and is wrapped in a hand-died ribbon representing the hand-made dresses you will see flowing throughout the series. The book rests upon green moss embodying the very land that the Cape Breton Highlands rest upon. In a serendipitous encounter, I came upon a poem by Sir Christopher Ondaatje, called “Daydream”, which encapsulates my feelings about Nova Scotia perfectly. These magical words seemed a perfect way to lead the visual journey that is Windswept

Enjoy and please check out our other posts for more images and video!

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windswept | seafood + tweed

I very clearly remember the moment when I discovered White Point. My Dad and I were driving around in Cape Breton and I noticed this side road that led out towards the sea and a town I had never been to before. How could I resist? What awaited was a quaint small fishing village but it was the walk out to the point that took my breath away. I don’t know what it is about where the land meets the sea but it often brings me to tears.

I knew we had to use this as one of our locations and Unabashed Apparel’s seafoam dress was perfect for the first look. The beautiful moss, the rocky point that leads out to the sea and the breezy Nova Scotia air – we couldn’t have found a more beautiful location!

Hope you enjoy seeing a few more fav photos from this day of shooting and then more behind the scenes.

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windswept : crimson + skyline
windswept : green cove + ingonish

windswept | crimson + the cabot trail

On a characteristically windy Nova Scotian day, we went to my friend Alana’s farm to shoot with her horse and a gorgeous crimson dress.  I felt so inspired by the flowing ribbons blowing in the breeze and of course that ridiculous red hair of Xavia’s! It was so fun to shoot with a horse, but it does add a whole other dimension.  We were very lucky that at the end of the day we were treated to a candlelit crew dinner, hosted on the farm with yummy food made by our fantastic PA Heather Myers.

The next location took us to the magnificent Cape Breton Highlands. If you ever get a chance to visit, don’t pass up the chance! Standing on the cliffs and looking back on the Cabot trail has to be one of the most gorgeous views on this planet.  We had to do a fair amount of hiking to get to our spot but it was worth it and I hope you enjoy seeing the photos.

I remember after we wrapped the shoot for the evening, Xavia and I went to find some dinner because she was starving.  We went to a little local chicken shack in Cheticamp and when Xavia walked in the door everyone’s eyes just bugged out!  Here was this beautiful young woman dressed like a sea nymph just casually sashaying into a little dive.  It makes me chuckle whenever I think of that moment . . .

behind the scenes : ashdale + the cabot trail

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windswept : seafoam + tweed
windswept : green cove + ingonish

windswept | green cove + igonish

Another early morning . . . and our dedicated crew is ready for another marathon shooting day!  We had two locations on this day and both were spectacular:  Green Cove is a huge rock that juts out into the sea on the east coast of Cape Breton and Ingonish beach so lovely with its smooth gray stones and soft sandy beach.  I am so thankful for the artistry and creativity of Fred Connors and Susan Johnson Smith.

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windswept : seafoam + tweed
windswept : crimson + skyline