fashionable farmers I part iii

I have always had this silly fantasy of letting my vizsla Simon Henry loose in a fancy restaurant just to see what would happen.  I guess the next best thing is letting a herd of goats partake of a feast in a field with beautiful people.

We had such a fun time shooting Part III of Fashionable Farmers.  It was the last shot for the day and it was worth the wait for sure.  Matt, our stylist put up a tripod to hang a chandelier and laid out a delicious spread on the table and then it was go time.  It was pretty funny to try to ignore the goats jumping up on the table and basically devouring the food,.

Hope you enjoy the images and be sure to scroll to the bottom to see the behind the scenes!



Hair & Makeup I Rebecca McMahon
Wardrobe I Chelsea Kimrey
Props/Location/Animal Handler I Matt Tuttle 
Talent I Emory & Savanna from Directions USA




carton house | beauty of movement

I have a passion for 19th century British history and literature, which was the focus of my undergraduate education. I gravitate towards the romantic literature of the Victorian era when I’m searching for inspiration or have some downtime to myself. So I guess it makes sense that this love of history and beauty has begun to seep into my work.

After being on a shoot for a Canadian magazine, Style at Home, I wanted to shoot at a historic estate somewhere in Ireland. We found the idyllic Carton House just outside of Dublin, a dreamy estate with beautiful rooms and a marvelous exterior. We loved working with their incredible team and all the Irish talent and designers that my producer Catherine Schramm made possible.

Isn't this model, Becky Wilkinson, just stunning? Her eyes, features and this dress take my breath away.

Location: Carton House in Kildare, Ireland
Talent: Becky Wilkinson, Morgan The Agency

& Cat, 1st Option Management
Wardrobe: Grace Moore, Morgan The Agency
Hair & Makeup: Mary Ellen Darby, Morgan The Agency

carton house | beauty of radiance

I love Ireland so much — the rich, lush texture of the landscape combined with the friendly people makes my heart sing. I have been fortunate enough to visit twice while on assignment over the last few years, and on my last trip I was able to stay a few extra days to have a little vacation and also to shoot some lovely dresses with a fab Irish team. It was a dream come true to shoot at the gorgeous Carton House, a historic-mansion-turned-luxury-hotel just outside of Dublin in Kildare. As I explored the property on the morning of our shoot, I was stopped in my tracks at nearly every turn. The fog, the historic grounds and the mansion itself was simply stunning. 

Aren’t these dresses by the Irish designer Helen Cody just divine?  We were so grateful to have such exquisite creations to pair with the beautiful setting and talent.  I felt transported to another time in the morning mist that appeared on the morning of the shoot. I hope you enjoy the images because they make me think of one of my favorite 19th century novels, Jane Eyre.


Location: Carton House in Kildare, Ireland
Talent: Becky Wilkinson, Morgan The Agency

& Cat, 1st Option Management
Wardrobe: Grace Moore, Morgan The Agency
Dress Designer: Helen Cody
Hair & Makeup: Mary Ellen Darby, Morgan The Agency


windswept | green cove + igonish

Another early morning . . . and our dedicated crew is ready for another marathon shooting day!  We had two locations on this day and both were spectacular:  Green Cove is a huge rock that juts out into the sea on the east coast of Cape Breton and Ingonish beach so lovely with its smooth gray stones and soft sandy beach.  I am so thankful for the artistry and creativity of Fred Connors and Susan Johnson Smith.

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