for the love of... fox hunting

I can’t even really describe the feeling that still wells up in me so many years after photographing the Blessing of the Hounds Thanksgiving hunt in Southern Pines, NC.  I still get shivers thinking about the beauty of this spectacle that has it’s roots in mediaeval times.  I can still hear rhythmic beat of horses galloping off in the distance and remember seeing horses & riders emerge from the thick mist.  There were a thousand cinematic moments.  Truth be told, I cried as I ran through the wet fields with photo gear in tow.  The beauty of the moment overwhelmed me. . .

Please understand that I am not a lover of hunting per se – but I am a fan of the equestrian sport where a scent is dragged through the fields for the hounds to follow.  Remember my undergrad degree is in 19th Century British History & literature so it just make sense that I  love the idea of galloping through fields dressed in a tweedy coat & jodpurs.!

As you look at these photos, I hope you can hear the call of the bugle and the pounding of hooves!

style at home | magically muted christmas

Thrilled to have to the November cover of Style at Home magazine.  Thank you to Christine Hanlon and your wonderful styling – we had such fun working with you as always.  I really love the understated approach to the holidays – it is peaceful and calm and just so pretty.

for the love of... turquoise

We are thrilled for Kara Cox Interiorsbeing featured on House of Turquoisetoday!  Kara is a talented young designer who commissioned us to photograph some of her work a few months ago.  We thoroughly loved working with Kara and are happy to see her pretty new website and all the work pouring in since she launched it.

Thank you Erin from House of Turquoise for featuring Kara!  As you might know, turquoise is my favorite color too and sometimes my clients refer to it as “Stacey’s colour”.  You can be sure to always find some lovely turquoise inspiration on House of Turquoise.

Also, please visit Kara’s site to see more photos of her work.

making dreams come true

I was thrilled to join up with UNCG Threads designers, fellow photographer Chris Fletcher & Make-a-Wish Foundation to do a fashion shoot with a lovely young lady named Hannah.  Hannah was a joy to photograph and we were happy to make her feel like a princess for a day.

Designed by Kerrie Rogers

Designed by Rachel Fisher-Shultz, Dianrea Campbell & Ashley Corsi

Designed by Lindsay Watkins

Designed by Erica Payne

tea & dogwood blossoms

After a lovely dinner dinner with special guests (more about that another day) I was too tired to clean up.  The next day I came downstairs and noticed that in the glowing light of morning the remnants of our apres dinner tea looked so homey.  A little turquoise teapot, a few dogwood branches and candles burned down, little reminders of a pleasant evening spent with friends.

bigs & littles project opening

Well, I thought it would be okay to bend the turquoise rule a little with teal . . . We are excited to have the {bigs & littles project} on display at Greensboro’s beautiful Central Library for the month of April.  The official opening is this Friday from 6-8pm.  Come join us in celebrating Big Brother Big Sisters and the amazing relationships of the mentors and children that participate in this life changing program.

My wonderful assistant Maria Arce took the photos of Brittany, Simon & I below.  It is so special when I can step out from behind the camera and be a subject!

Hope to see you there!

turquoise at on rue tatin

Turquoise has always been my favorite colour as long I can remember.  Maybe there was a short pink phase but blue greeny hues never cease to fascinate me.   Perhaps it is because even though I was a girl, my mother often dressed me in blues & turquoise.  Or perhaps it is because it is the colour of the sky and the sea.  I really can’t explain why this particular colour gives me so much joy but I never seem to get sick of it.

Here are a few more photos from Susan Hermann Loomis’ lovely cooking school On Rue Tatin.  It was so thrilling to open her gate and see the beautiful courtyard with a tealy turquoise table and chairs!

for the love of... rescuing reuben

Almost every pet I have had has been a hand-me-down or a from a rescue organization.  There was poor Tasha, the slightly crazy black and white cat that had to be adopted because no one wanted her, Zoe, a sleepy girl, adopted because a dear friend had terrible allergies and then Ruby, the lovely and sweet first vizsla who was abused but became my best friend for five wonderful years.  Just this past year there was Dovie, the large eyed cat my friend’s husband found starving in a parking lot and of course my wonderful crazy & beautiful Simon.

Sometimes these little creatures just walk into your life unannounced and unexpectedly.  Last week a forlorn, starving, flea-infested little dachshund was staggering down the street and I stopped to pick him up.  I christened him “Reuben” and took him home for some a little tender loving care.  After a bath, flea spray and lots of food he started to look a little better.  It makes me sad that so many animals are not taken care of – left unneutered and unspayed to fend for the themselves.

My sweet vizsla Simon took little Ruben under his paw so to speak and I decided to use Facebook as a forum to find this little guy a forever home.  There are many negative things about Facebook but this time it was the power of the Facebook network that led us to find a wonderful family for Reuben.

We are dropping little Reuben off to his forever family tomorrow.  He’ll be missed dearly although it has only been a few days.  If you are interested in adopting a Dachshund in particular, please check out