Lupins I Nova Scotia

Do you know what happens in June in the Maritime Provinces?  The lupins, pink, white and purple, burst into glorious bloom on every roadway, ditch and path.  In a way I took them for granted when I was growing up in Nova Scotia, but now when I go home, I marvel at the beauty of these renegade wildflowers.  

Lupins are a relative of the pea and are extremely hardy.  Apparently they are native to the West but made their way to the East Coast and decided to flourish!  If you heard of the bluebonnets in Texas, they are actually a lupin as well.

I just returned from visiting my home town of Antigonish to celebrate my parent's wedding anniversary.  Unfortunately my mother became very sick and the festivities had to be postponed but I am happy to say my mother is feeling better and we plan to do a re-anniversary party in August.

I loved seeing the last of the lupins along the roadside last week and thought you might too.

Also!  We have added a few selections of these lupin images to our SVB Print Shop so be sure to take a look!

A bientôt!




for the love of... turquoise

We are thrilled for Kara Cox Interiorsbeing featured on House of Turquoisetoday!  Kara is a talented young designer who commissioned us to photograph some of her work a few months ago.  We thoroughly loved working with Kara and are happy to see her pretty new website and all the work pouring in since she launched it.

Thank you Erin from House of Turquoise for featuring Kara!  As you might know, turquoise is my favorite color too and sometimes my clients refer to it as “Stacey’s colour”.  You can be sure to always find some lovely turquoise inspiration on House of Turquoise.

Also, please visit Kara’s site to see more photos of her work.

tea & dogwood blossoms

After a lovely dinner dinner with special guests (more about that another day) I was too tired to clean up.  The next day I came downstairs and noticed that in the glowing light of morning the remnants of our apres dinner tea looked so homey.  A little turquoise teapot, a few dogwood branches and candles burned down, little reminders of a pleasant evening spent with friends.

turquoise at on rue tatin

Turquoise has always been my favorite colour as long I can remember.  Maybe there was a short pink phase but blue greeny hues never cease to fascinate me.   Perhaps it is because even though I was a girl, my mother often dressed me in blues & turquoise.  Or perhaps it is because it is the colour of the sky and the sea.  I really can’t explain why this particular colour gives me so much joy but I never seem to get sick of it.

Here are a few more photos from Susan Hermann Loomis’ lovely cooking school On Rue Tatin.  It was so thrilling to open her gate and see the beautiful courtyard with a tealy turquoise table and chairs!