windswept | crimson + the cabot trail

On a characteristically windy Nova Scotian day, we went to my friend Alana’s farm to shoot with her horse and a gorgeous crimson dress.  I felt so inspired by the flowing ribbons blowing in the breeze and of course that ridiculous red hair of Xavia’s! It was so fun to shoot with a horse, but it does add a whole other dimension.  We were very lucky that at the end of the day we were treated to a candlelit crew dinner, hosted on the farm with yummy food made by our fantastic PA Heather Myers.

The next location took us to the magnificent Cape Breton Highlands. If you ever get a chance to visit, don’t pass up the chance! Standing on the cliffs and looking back on the Cabot trail has to be one of the most gorgeous views on this planet.  We had to do a fair amount of hiking to get to our spot but it was worth it and I hope you enjoy seeing the photos.

I remember after we wrapped the shoot for the evening, Xavia and I went to find some dinner because she was starving.  We went to a little local chicken shack in Cheticamp and when Xavia walked in the door everyone’s eyes just bugged out!  Here was this beautiful young woman dressed like a sea nymph just casually sashaying into a little dive.  It makes me chuckle whenever I think of that moment . . .

behind the scenes : ashdale + the cabot trail

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