for the love of . . . emily

Occasionally I do portrait commissions for special clients and friends.  I really enjoy this change of pace from my commercial work.  So one overcast day in October we made our way to this stunning flax colored field I had my eye on.  Melissa Peacock-Rohme did Emily’s hair and makeup and I think Emily looked gorgeous – her hair the same color as the field. . .

And then we decided to do a Kentucky Derby themed shoot when all the blossoms were on the trees.  Big beautiful hats, flowers & tea – so feminine and pretty!

Emily has been working with us for over a year now & we only have a couple of months left before she heads off to East Carolina University to study interior design.  We will miss her very much but wish her the best of all things with her new adventure!

Here are a few of our favorites of lovely Emily . . .

for the love of... visits

This time last year, Simon Henry and I were in the Niagara region visiting family on the way to shoot for Style at Home magazine in Toronto.  The autumn leaves were so vibrant and beautiful in my aunt Gwenn & Uncle Gerry’s yard we decided on an afternoon walk.  My cousin Sylvia brought her daughter Katy and their dog Jackson to come for a romp with Simon.  The dogs were so excited we never did get a closeup photo of them!  But they had a good time running through the pale yellow fields and wrestling in the leaves.   What a wonderful visit with family. . . stay tuned for some photos of Sylvia in a pear orchard

for the love of... my food stealer

Simon is a wonderful dog in so many ways but his ability to steal food is pretty extraordinary!  He waits until your attention is diverted and then he strikes as quick as lightening and all you are left with are a few pieces of plastic or a plate.  Don’t let his innocent stance fool you . . . one time he ate a whole pan of fudge, another time a whole rotisserie chicken!

for the love of... rescuing pedro

I have become the dog whisperer of my neighbourhood.  I seem to keep stumbling across stray dogs or they just show up in my yard.  In the last few months I have rescued 4 dogs!  With the help of friends, local rescue groups such as Triad SPCAAlmost Home Dacshund RescueRed Dog Farm and the power of Facebook – 2 of the dogs found loving forever homes, one was adopted and one still awaits adoption.  My Vizsla, Simon Henry Haines, is also a rescue from the Vizsla Rescue.  Simon has been so good to the dogs who have passed through even sharing his dog bed and my attention.

Little Pedro went to live with him forever family on Sunday – I think Simon misses his little pal a little but is glad to have my lap entirely to himself!

for the love of... naps

Simon Henry Haines is my wacky and beautiful four year old Vizsla who came from the Vizsla Rescue of the Carolinas.  He bounded into my life all energy and sweetness with a big streak of mischieviousness. There were days in the beginning that his tasmanian devil ways brought me to tears but when he snuggled under the covers with me, he won my heart.  He is like a person to me – we communicate – me with words, him with gesture and eye contact.  He cracks me up daily with his antics and I marvel at what a wonderful creature he is.  I am so blessed to have him in my life.  I thought I might make him a little project and share a few photos each week of him with you.  Hope you enjoy!