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Check out this beautiful Ontario lake cottage!  Has orange and blue and white ever looked better?  I had the privilege of photographing this gorgeous cottage last summer for Style at Home magazine with the talented Christine Hanlon.  So thrilled that this ended up on the July 2011 cover!  See the rest of the layout on my website in the recent work portfolio.

Our day was so packed with shooting that we didn’t take too many behind the scenes shots, but I thought it might be interesting to see how we get accuate colours in our photos.  I use X-rite’s Color Checker Grayscale card – the gray, white and black card my assistant Stefanie is holding in all the shots.  Once a photo is ready to shoot, an assistant places or holds the color checker card in the shot and I make an exposure.  Then we use the White Balance tool in Capture One to standardize the colour.

And just one more photo.  We love shooting portraits of Erin McLaughlin, editor of Style at Home and Canadian Gardening.  She makes it easy with her beautiful smile and fantastic sense of style.  Follow her on Twitter!/erinmclaughlin1 to get plugged into all things design and gardening.