a healthy lifestyle

Balancing a healthy lifestyle with a career, family, a social life and, of course, personal time, is challenging! I lead a fast-paced life, so I've found that to be especially true, even more so when I'm on the go on location. Riding my horse has always been my happy place and a way for me to unwind and get exercise in that I enjoy. But lately I've been wondering how else I can have some down time and get some exercise in too. I've tried yoga and did notice that it helped my posture, but it's so hard for me to slow down enough to enjoy the practice. Perhaps that means I should keep practicing! 

During our shoot for Burt's Bees last summer on a beautiful day, our stunning model Katrina worked her way through a few simple yoga poses by the pool at our gorgeous location in Chapel Hill. Even though we were shooting, watching her practice was so relaxing and really inspired me to give yoga a shot again. So, does anyone have any advice for a beginner like me?

We hope you enjoy these images, including some from behind the scenes!, from our shoot with Burt's Bees, because we certainly loved this day and working with this team. 

Shoot Details
Agency: Current
Prop/Food Styling & Wardrobe: Susan Johnson Smith
Talent: Katrina Spencer, Directions USA
Hair & Makeup: Allison DodgeDirections USA
Production: Catherine Schramm