il borro I italy

A few springs ago, I jetted off to Italy to shoot at the Il Borro estate in Tuscany.  That sounds so amazing and it really was a dream come true!.  Il Borro is a beautiful medieval village that dates back to 1254, by conservative estimates, and was the home to many prominent families over the centuries.  Ferruccio Feragamo purchased the estate in the 1980's and has been bringing it back to it's former glory as a destination.  This makes me so happy because history is being preserved for the future.

Il Borro has lovely accommodations, delicious restaurants, a spa and a gorgeous winery and most importantly . . . horses!   I hope you enjoy a little glimpse of this lovely estate . . .  



our state | january cover

It was a pleasure assisting Stacey with the photoshoot for Our State Magazine’s January cover. It was such a cool experience to meet some of the people that make that magazine happen each month. It always amazes me how much work goes into making a photograph happen. This shot probably took us about 2 hours or so, playing with decisions such as different scarf placements, hand placements, which camera to use, chasing the sunlight as it moved positions. But when it is all said and done, it is always refreshing to see the final product and be proud of the outcome. It was a wonderful day and a memory I will always keep from my internship with Stacey.

RCC Student Intern

Our State Magazine Cover



our state | behind the lens

What a honor to be included in the Our State’s feature on Randolph Community College photography graduates in the January issue.  It certainly has been a wild ride since I graduated in 2003.  I can hardly believe it has been thirteen years!  I have had so many wonderful experiences, worked with so many talented people and have shot everything from 5 star hotels to farms, famous authors and ordinary folks, TV stars and fascinating characters.  I truly love my job and am thankful to Our State’s wonderful crew for giving me so many opportunities to see North Carolina through the eyes of it’s people, food and landscape.

We have so many RCC interns over the last decade and this semester we had the pleasure of having Caroline Boone.  She photographed me for the opener to this story.  To be truthful, it always feels sort of funny to be on the other side of the camera but Carol made it fun.

our state behind the lens
our state behind the lens