fashionable farmers I part iii

I have always had this silly fantasy of letting my vizsla Simon Henry loose in a fancy restaurant just to see what would happen.  I guess the next best thing is letting a herd of goats partake of a feast in a field with beautiful people.

We had such a fun time shooting Part III of Fashionable Farmers.  It was the last shot for the day and it was worth the wait for sure.  Matt, our stylist put up a tripod to hang a chandelier and laid out a delicious spread on the table and then it was go time.  It was pretty funny to try to ignore the goats jumping up on the table and basically devouring the food,.

Hope you enjoy the images and be sure to scroll to the bottom to see the behind the scenes!



Hair & Makeup I Rebecca McMahon
Wardrobe I Chelsea Kimrey
Props/Location/Animal Handler I Matt Tuttle 
Talent I Emory & Savanna from Directions USA




fashionable farmers I part II

Just another chilly morning on the farm with our stylish couple . . . we are excited to share Part II of our Fashionable Farmer series shot at Matt Tuttle's farm in Stoneville, NC.

See Part I


A huge thank you to our team:

Photographer: Stacey Van Berkel

Prop Stylist/Location/Animal Wrangler: Matt Tuttle

Hair & Makeup: Rebecca McMahon

Wardrobe: Chelsea Kimrey

Photo Assistants: Maria Arce & Andrea Woodard

Talent: Jeremiah Wood & Kurstin Jade

Agency: Directions USA

il borro I italy

A few springs ago, I jetted off to Italy to shoot at the Il Borro estate in Tuscany.  That sounds so amazing and it really was a dream come true!.  Il Borro is a beautiful medieval village that dates back to 1254, by conservative estimates, and was the home to many prominent families over the centuries.  Ferruccio Feragamo purchased the estate in the 1980's and has been bringing it back to it's former glory as a destination.  This makes me so happy because history is being preserved for the future.

Il Borro has lovely accommodations, delicious restaurants, a spa and a gorgeous winery and most importantly . . . horses!   I hope you enjoy a little glimpse of this lovely estate . . .  



Lupins I Nova Scotia

Do you know what happens in June in the Maritime Provinces?  The lupins, pink, white and purple, burst into glorious bloom on every roadway, ditch and path.  In a way I took them for granted when I was growing up in Nova Scotia, but now when I go home, I marvel at the beauty of these renegade wildflowers.  

Lupins are a relative of the pea and are extremely hardy.  Apparently they are native to the West but made their way to the East Coast and decided to flourish!  If you heard of the bluebonnets in Texas, they are actually a lupin as well.

I just returned from visiting my home town of Antigonish to celebrate my parent's wedding anniversary.  Unfortunately my mother became very sick and the festivities had to be postponed but I am happy to say my mother is feeling better and we plan to do a re-anniversary party in August.

I loved seeing the last of the lupins along the roadside last week and thought you might too.

Also!  We have added a few selections of these lupin images to our SVB Print Shop so be sure to take a look!

A bientôt!




our state I cake & all things yummy

On this shoot for Our State Magazine, we really stumbled upon a new treat! The local business Cake & All Things Yummy, nestled in Kernersville, North Carolina, is really as sweet as it sounds. As we entered the lovely little shop, we were greeted with sweet smells and colorful treats. The atmosphere is so friendly and fun! Will definitely be paying this delightful shop another visit in the near future. ;)




a healthy lifestyle

Balancing a healthy lifestyle with a career, family, a social life and, of course, personal time, is challenging! I lead a fast-paced life, so I've found that to be especially true, even more so when I'm on the go on location. Riding my horse has always been my happy place and a way for me to unwind and get exercise in that I enjoy. But lately I've been wondering how else I can have some down time and get some exercise in too. I've tried yoga and did notice that it helped my posture, but it's so hard for me to slow down enough to enjoy the practice. Perhaps that means I should keep practicing! 

During our shoot for Burt's Bees last summer on a beautiful day, our stunning model Katrina worked her way through a few simple yoga poses by the pool at our gorgeous location in Chapel Hill. Even though we were shooting, watching her practice was so relaxing and really inspired me to give yoga a shot again. So, does anyone have any advice for a beginner like me?

We hope you enjoy these images, including some from behind the scenes!, from our shoot with Burt's Bees, because we certainly loved this day and working with this team. 

Shoot Details
Agency: Current
Prop/Food Styling & Wardrobe: Susan Johnson Smith
Talent: Katrina Spencer, Directions USA
Hair & Makeup: Allison DodgeDirections USA
Production: Catherine Schramm


garden & gun I summer

We are always thrilled when Garden & Gun magazine calls with an assignment.  We adore working with their creative team and who doesn't like to shoot in beautiful Charleston?  

We had a super fun day of shooting . . . we started in the wee hours of the morning and ended hurrying to get our last shot before a huge storm rolled in!  It would probably surprise you to know that the pool float was almost 8 feet long making it a challenge to keep it where we needed it to be in the pool . . .

These images just make you long for a nice holiday by the sea or pool, don't they?

Location: Charleston, SC

Art Direction: Maggie Kennedy + Margaret Houston
Styling: Joel Sarvis

A few behind the scenes . . . 


new in the print shop | cherry blossoms

We are thrilled to introduce a new set of blossom prints in our fine art print shop! This cherry blossom series has a special place in my heart, too. I made these photos on a trip to New York with my mom at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. We had such a fun day exploring the city and showing her my old stomping grounds, and we could hardly believe our eyes when we stumbled upon this scene. Is there any other flower that is a harbinger of spring more than cherry blossoms? I think not!

We're giving away an 11 x 14 print of the cherry blossom below this week on Instagram, too! To enter, find today's Instagram post and tag a friend. We'll be posting several images over the next week, and you can enter to win this print by tagging as many friends as you like in every post. To win, you must BOTH be following @staceyvanberkel. We'll announce the winner on Tuesday, 5/16. Stay tuned and good luck!

our state | the kimpton cardinal hotel

Nestled about 45 minutes west of our studio here in Greensboro, North Carolina, sits the beautiful Kimpton Cardinal Hotel in downtown Winston-Salem. It is a luxurious retreat filled with stunning art deco details and decor from local artists and artisans, but perhaps what is most remarkable about this newly-renovated boutique hotel is the building's origin story. It was the prototype (on a smaller scale, of course) for the Empire State Building in Manhattan. In fact, the Empire State Building sends the Cardinal Hotel a Father's Day card every year - now how adorable is that!

We always love working with Our State and were thrilled to see these images in print in March's issue. Take a peek!

carton house | beauty of movement

I have a passion for 19th century British history and literature, which was the focus of my undergraduate education. I gravitate towards the romantic literature of the Victorian era when I’m searching for inspiration or have some downtime to myself. So I guess it makes sense that this love of history and beauty has begun to seep into my work.

After being on a shoot for a Canadian magazine, Style at Home, I wanted to shoot at a historic estate somewhere in Ireland. We found the idyllic Carton House just outside of Dublin, a dreamy estate with beautiful rooms and a marvelous exterior. We loved working with their incredible team and all the Irish talent and designers that my producer Catherine Schramm made possible.

Isn't this model, Becky Wilkinson, just stunning? Her eyes, features and this dress take my breath away.

Location: Carton House in Kildare, Ireland
Talent: Becky Wilkinson, Morgan The Agency

& Cat, 1st Option Management
Wardrobe: Grace Moore, Morgan The Agency
Hair & Makeup: Mary Ellen Darby, Morgan The Agency